In 2009 I have started studying again. In part time at the Open University (Heerlen, The Netherlands). I decided to get my Master Computer Science. Target date will be somewhere 2018. I have finished the courses to prepare me for the real start of the master (so called schakelprogramma), to get my knowledge and skills up to the right level. And now I am a full master student since 2012.

During the years I've build up a list of memberships for my professional career. Below these are listed:

  • Kivi-Niria - The Dutch Professional Engineering Association
  • ACM - The Association of Computing Machinery

In my humble opinion it is very useful to be a member of one or more professional associations. Not only for being a member, but more for getting in touch with people who are working in the same field and share the knowledge between them. Follow the links for more information.