When cleaning my room at home I found a box containing several books about computer chess. These I have already in my collection and are therefore for sale. Some of them are real collectors items according to prices I see sometimes on eBay.

I have the following books available (in English unless otherwise stated):

  • Computer Chess Compendium by David Levy (3x)
  • 13 Jahre 3-Hirn by Ingo Althöfer (language: German)
  • Games in AI Research
  • Advances in Computer Chess 3
  • Advances in Computer Chess 4
  • Advances in Computer Chess 7 Sold
  • Advances in Computer Chess 8 Sold
  • Advances in Computer Games 9 Sold
  • Advances in Computer Games 10 (seen offered for over $200 on eBay!!!) Sold
  • CG2004, Computers and Games
  • CG2006, Computers and Games (2x)
  • CG1998, Computer and Games (2x)
  • Behind Deep Blue by Feng-HSiung Hsu
  • Chess Skill in Man and Machine by Peter W. Frey (copy from library)
  • Schaken voor Computers by Peter van Diepen and Jaap van den Herik (language: Dutch)
  • Computerschaak, Schaakwereld en Kunstmatige Intelligentie by Jaap van de Herik (language: Dutch)
  • More Games of No Chance by Richard J. Nowakowski


If you are interested in one of these books, please let me know. Let me also know what you like to give for it. Swapping it for a book on computer chess or computer games I not yet have is also ok. And keep in mind, if you offer me money for a book, there might also be some shipping costs. Unfortunately the Dutch mail or package services all cost money.

Ofcourse if you have questions about a book, I will answer them.